“At SHU MBA I met professors and managers from around the world and from many different backgrounds.”

Caroline, GLMBA 2009, Shanghai.

“I always praise the diversity and passion of my classmates, we learn from each other.”

Yuki, GLMBA 2018, from Japan.

“Shanghai is the place to do an MBA, it is a challenging big city full of opportunities.”

Daniel, GCMBA 2018, from Zhejiang

“In Shanghai MBA I learnt to be out of my comfort zone.”

Jose, GLMBA 2015, from Spain.

“Companies value the MBA degree with better positions, higher salaries, and more responsibilities.”

Cameron, GLMBA 2018, from Shanghai

“From SHUMBA I got a versatile education for a fast-paced and changing environment.”

Zacaria, GLMBA 2015, from Morocco.

“It has been the most fulfilling experience.”

Joe, GLMBA 2018, from Shanghai

Pictures taken by the students: